Annette G. Borck

house music, piano lessons, free improvisation

House music with Annette

We make an appointment. You come to me bringing your idees, your instrument if needed sheet music with you and we play together for about 50 to 60 minutes. We do what we want: improvising, playing sheet music, singing. I adjust to you as best I can and we both have fun with the music. When we finish you decide if and how much you pay.

Piano lessons 

Playing the piano trains different kinds of skills. Everyone doing it is practicing listening, moving, imagining sounds, gripe, letting go, to concentrate, voluntarily moving of concentration in different directions and again and again patience.

I am teaching in my home on a grand pianos of the brand "Förster".

We make the contract individually. Usually it is one lesson (50 to 60 minutes) per week for €35 each or €100 monthly.

You need to be willing to practice regularly (around 30 minutes a day, 6 days a week) and it is important to have at least an upright to do so at home nearby for regular use. (I am refering to an acoustic instrument with chords and hammers). Some would say that's not important and one can practice on an electronic instrument as well. But for me it makes all the difference.

House music - everyone makes music together

You like to play or sing or both with your family members or your neighbors. Maybe I can help you. I come to you listen and give some advice. I offer to rehears with you and help to choose suitable sheet-music. (from € 40)

Free improvisation - an offering for organizers

Karolin Ketzel-Grüneberg and Annette Borck improvise freely with clarinet and piano.

Our improvisations are suitable as additional program points in concerts with chamber music, student performances, readings, exhibition openings or other events.

audio example on youtube

The subtleties of German pronunciation - an offer especially for immigrants

In my more than 30 years of artistic work with "consonare" I have developed a keen sense of how someone can learn something, especially when it comes to the subtleties of pronunciation. This offer is based on the idea that there may be people who can and would like to benefit from it.
We meet, I'll listen to you and together we'll find some issue or a word that we want to work on. I practice with you until we realize that you got it. Than we speak about how you can further practice on your own. Of course, I'm also happy to answer your questions. 30 to 40 minutes for €30.

Singing for the Ears - also for Beginners

In the more than 30 years that I was the conductor of consonare, I have developed a beautiful way of Singing. Each timbre (vowels and sounding consonants) is heard in its own peculiarity. Then you practice that clarity and accuracy at different volumes throughout the vocal range, and apply it to singing songs, etc. Your vocal range will develop over time and it becomes easier to sing at different volumes. Anyone can learn it even beginners who thought or have been told that they can not sing at all. As with all learning, regular practice is the key. A single lesson with me (about 50 minutes) currently costs €35.

Solmisation, Notation (voice training) - course for adults

It is easy to read sheet music. Everyone can understand the notation system. In spite of that, there are a lot persons struggling with this kind of things. The learned foundations have holes and often the link between notes on the sheet and sounds are not or not enough felt for having fun with the music.

Solmisation leads via ears and hands to the notes on the sheet. There are syllables that correspond as well to the scale as to the energy centers (chakras) of the human body. So it is easy to get things linked. During the course we change perspective, shifting from learning with paper, pencils and eyes to practicing with ears, voices, hands and back. If voice training is needed depends on the skills and wishes of the participants. If everyone has enough practice to master the for the exercises necessary vocal range, we can skip voice training or only do a short "warm up" in the beginning .
The course is suitable for beginners as well as for persons with previous knowledge.

Please bring music paper, pencil, rubber and curiosity with you and be open for learning in unusual ways.

If you are interested write me an e-mail including:

you name, age, contact info

possible course date (weekday, time)

price expectations (course fee for 90 minutes)

The course starts as soon as there are enough participants.

Piano music in the living room

You come to my place. You make yourself comfortable. - armchair, carpet, rocking-chair - I improvise free on my Förster grand piano
for a donation. Please call me for making an appointment.